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About Freestone Guiding

Here at Freestone Guiding, we pride ourselves on providing an all-round experience. We love to get away from the beaten track and find truly wild fish. We're not your typical guiding service.

We offer guided fishing across Northern England; mostly on the Tees and Eden systems. We're all about the experience and we love introducing people to our rivers and the fish that live within them.

Our services are focused on guiding, rather than tuition. We will assume you know the basics. We're here to show you how and where to focus your attention and let you into a few local secrets.

Whilst we love to go to wild places, we appreciate that there are some excellent fishing opportunities closer to civilisation. We will always work with our clients to find the most suitable location for our day on the river.

Need to know anything else? Just drop us a message - we love to chat fishing!

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Meet The Team

James Waine

James Waine


Founder and guide, James, has dedicated his life to the freestone rivers of northern England. He can't wait to share these rivers with you and let you into their secrets!
James is a keen writer, hiker and animal lover. When he's not on the river, he's likely on top of one of the Lakeland fells or on his SUP. On rare occasions, you might even find him at the tying vice!



Fish Consultant

Libbie, affectionately known as Pigs, is relatively new to fishing but her enthusiasm is undeniable!

She loves nothing more than going for a dip but she knows how to avoid spooking the pool!




Purdey is the newest addition to the team. He's keen and eager to work. Rescued at 6 months, his training has been intense since he came into our lives. Will he make the cut? Time will tell! But he has a loving home for life!

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