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Friends of Freestone Guiding

The sites listed below are independent businesses that we have close relationships with. We endorse their product or service and recommend them highly!

James has been affiliated with Vicuña Dubbing since 2020 but was using their dubbing long before that. He has created his own box of river blends, which he believes are the perfect blends for imitating natural fly life. Vicuña Dubbing is easy to dub and has a natural buggy appearance. Check out James' river blends, here!

Fly Culture provide a weekly podcast and quarterly journal, filled with high quality content. They understand fishing and what it means. No ads, no biased tackle reviews, just a true look at what fishing is to all of us.

Listen to James talk about his passion, on the podcast, here!

Hacklemoor is the home of the 'Hatchstack' and 'Drystack' - a revolutionary fly storage system, far more functional than a conventional fly box and they take up less space! They're premium quality; designed and manufactured in the UK. Anyone that's been out fishing with me, will see these in action and know how good they are! If you haven't seen them yet, check them out!

Here at Freestone Guiding, we strongly believe in supporting your local tackle shop. The Anglers Lodge is a treasure trove of fishing tackle, boasting an extensive range of tying materials. There's even an onsite fishing lake, stocked with premium quality rainbow trout! Pop in and see Dave & Sandra - you won't want to leave!

Mike Barrio's lines were recommended to me around 10 years ago and I have never looked back; in my humble opinion, they're the best pound for pound lines on the market. What's more; they last forever and Mike's customer service is legendary. If you're looking for a new line, speak to Mike, you won't regret it!

If you're looking for a custom built glass rod, then Marc is your man! Marc is an artist and creates beautiful rods and accessories. Marc has built two rods for me, which quickly became my favourite rods to use. He's now my first choice when I'm looking for materials to build my own rods.

Looking for the ultimate fishing experience in Scotland? Bill Drew and his team of guides can provide some of the very best fishing for trout, salmon & grayling on some of the UK's finest river systems.

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