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School of Fish

School holidays can be a stressful time for parents; coming up with activities to keep the kids occupied, trying to pry them away from their games consoles and into the great outdoors.

When I think back to the summer holidays as a boy, I remember never-ending days playing football, climbing trees and netting sticklebacks and minnows from local streams and ponds. You had to make your own fun, there was no TikTok, no PlayStation. And I'm sure it never rained! The days that really stick out in my memory are the days that my grandpa would take me fishing. Excitement would begin to build the night before, we'd be checking our tackle, preparing our lunchboxes and recounting stories from our last fishing trip. These are memories that I'll cherish forever. I can still picture every fish we caught together. This is a feeling I want others to share with their children and grandchildren. Beyond this, I want to encourage more young people to pick up a rod and give them the chance to become 'hooked' on a hobby that will always give them an escape and be rewarding beyond measure.

At Freestone Guiding, we offer FREE* fishing for children aged 7-15 during the school holidays, when they're accompanied by a paying adult. This means that you get a completely guilt-free fishing fix whilst looking after the kids!

*a fee of £20 will be payable for tackle hire. Tickets and tuition will be free.

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